Tuscany Crossing – Italy, April 2014


Consider this for your next big race – Val d’Orcia, a region in the heart of Tuscany, in central Italy.  The farming community of the Val d’Orcia has never surrendered to progress and has always welcomed travellers and pilgrims and always made them welcome.

The Val d’Orcia, or Valdorcia, is a region of Tuscany, central Italy, which extends from the hills south of Siena to Monte Amiata. It is characterised by gentle, carefully cultivataed hills occasionally broken by gullies and by picturesque towns and villages such as Pienza (rebuilt as an “ideal town” in the 15th century under the patronage of Pope Pius II), Radicofani(home to the notorious brigand-hero Ghino di Tacco) and Montalcino (the Brunello di Montalcino is counted among the most prestigious of Italian wines). It is a landscape which has become familiar through its depiction in works of art from the Renaissance painting to the modern photograph.

With it’s challenging hills, mild and dry climate, rugged trails and bucolic backdrop it is a perfect venue to run an epic and unforgettable 100k/50k.

Join us for the second edition of Tuscany Crossing and the Lost Worlds Trail Series in 2014.

Lost Worlds Racing  will again host a race in the heart of Tuscany in what is arguably one of the most beautiful and memorable race locations in the series!

With over 400 participants last year we  anticipate an even larger turn out this year.

Interest in the race location is already very high and we will be limited to 100 international entries.  Join us at the  Tuscany Crossing in 2014 but make sure to reserve a space soon!

Interest in the race location is already very high and we will be limited to 200 international entries due to permit restrictions. Join us at the  Tuscany Crossing in 2013 but make sure to reserve a space soon!


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A series of 100k and 50k destination races for anyone who can run or walk to the finish line. The format welcomes individuals or teams. Lost Worlds Trail Series. 100k/50k/25k.

We hope to see you soon, race a good race and then raise a glass of hearty red somewhere to bold dreams, extraordinary achievements and new friends.

Tuscany Crossing takes you through the World Heritage site of Valle d’ Orcia, one of the most photographed and timeless landscapes in the world. Space is limited due to permitting restrictions so don’t miss this opportunity.

The route will be a circuit starting and finishing at the medieval Castiglione d’Orcia, (Castle of Orcia). It will be on rolling hills, primarily on trail and dirt roads, trail and overland. It will cross the centers of Montalcino, Pienza and La Rocca and you’ll encounter  row upon row of hills laced with cypress trees and a painterly display of shadow and light.

It is an absolutely stunning route and unforgettable experience for any runner.
Where – Tuscany, Valle de Orcia

When – April 26, 2014. All races start at 0600 hours

Distance Options –   100k/50k/25k


100k relay  –   4 person team  (25k + 25k + 25k + 25k)

Terrain – 80% trail, single track, rolling hills, footpaths, country roads, mountain forests,  castle and villages.

Cut-offs and time limits for the 100k (based on race start)
 5 hours time cut off at 25 k,
10 hours time cut-off at  50 k
15 hours after 75 km.
 Time limit for finishing the race is 24 hours after race start.

Post Race Holiday Options – (NEW)  Make the most of your travel abroad by  staying on after the race for a unique holiday brought to you by Combadi Experience Travel and Lost Worlds. MORE INFO.