Romania – Transylvania Trail Traverse

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Latest News – 4 UTMB points awarded to finishers of Transylvania Trail 100+k “Dracula’s Path” 56k earns 2 points.

In 2015 you will need a total of 7 points for UTMB. Join us if you dare.

Join us in Dracula’s hometown for our newest Lost Worlds Trail Race,  Transylvania Trail Crossing, a 1 or 2-day 106k adventure ultra run in the rugged, wildly beautiful Bucegi Mountains of central Romania.

Steeped in legend and folklore of vampires the 100k-single day and 2-day stage race routes along narrow and twisting single-track trails, skirting jagged ridges and stunning views from high in the Transylvanian Alps.

Racers will wend through traditional stone road Eastern European villages and be transported to a different time and place, a Europe of long ago that must be experienced and tasted in the mountains and villages. Run on trails near Bran Castle,the historic home of Dracula, and the staggeringly beautiful Sighisoara Citadel – Vlad Tepes’ (Dracula) birthplace – celebrating its 15th anniversary as an UNESCO site.

The start, 5k from the Castle,  makes a  1000 meter climb and follows desolate paths past monasteries, waterfalls and breathtaking views of the valley below.

Register now and join us this September in Transylvania at a race that is shaping up to be our most challenging course to date ! 

Run fast. Run hard. Carry a cross and garlic just in case.

Romania 8

Race Overview:

Where - Bucegi Mountains

When - Race: September 5 – 6, 2014.

Race Options -106k/56k single stage race  - Race is on  Friday. Races start at 0600

2-day stage race of 56k and 50k – Race Friday and Saturday   

Relay Options- 106k relay  -  4 person team  (28k + 28k + 25k + 25k)  - Race is on Friday

Terrain - 95% trail, single track, forest, steep hills, mountain trail, ridge line, technical descents. 

Total Elevation(22,700 feet) 7000 M + gain

Atitude - from 3071 feet to 8,186 feet

Cut-off - only for 106k

Registration now open!

 ALL PRICES SCHEDULED TO INCREASE 20% on January 1st, 2014.

Cut-off - only for 100k

Cut-offs and time limit for the 106k (based on official race start of 0600 hours)

12  hours time cut-off at  56 k point.  strictly enforced. runners must be through 56k circuit by 1800 hours on Friday.

This race is not scheduled beyond 2014. With many races already in Europe we have decided to announce one new location each year as our Discovery Race”. These races will offer 2 day stage options for the 100k distance. For 2014 it will be Transylvania Traverse in Romania. We will announce the next Discovery Race location in the Spring of 2014 at Italy, Ireland or Sweden.

Our team recently returned from a summer scout and had this to say:

“Epic high altitude paths, technical paths, high speed paths. Warm friendly people and hospitality. 2014 is the year for go east, to see explore new paths there that almost no western europeans have ever run. Homemade goulash for USD 3, Ursus beer USD 2. The area is unspoiled. The 12th century town of Brasov is safe and friendly with excellent restaurants. The time is now. In ten years it will be like any alpine european country. The unique combination of an incredible route and experienced race management, together with local Romanian experts, will make for an unforgetable adventure.”

Getting There. The adventure begins! Night Train through Transylvania.

Consider taking a night train through the mountains from Budapest to town of Brasov, a 13th century mountain town where the races will start and finish. We will have an optional rally point in Budapest Central Station on Wednesday, Sept 3rd so that you can meet up with other participants doing the same thing and take an overnight first class sleeper berth through the Transylvania mountains and arrive to Brasov Thursday morning. The journey to Romania can be an adventure in itself. email for details.  Cost is approximately 110 Euros roundtrip.

Be sure to leave time to visit the historic, Sighisoara Citidel, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler. 2014 will be the 15th anniversary of its naming as a UNESCO world heritage site.



Romania 2
Romanian Sphinx high in the Bucegi Mountains


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