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“Tuscany Crossing 100K is the most picturesque and serene course I have experienced as a runner.

Location aside, the race organization was top notch, from the warm reception at the Pisa International airport to our convenient accommodation at Agriturismo I Leccia to the festive pre- and post-race activities at Castiglione d’Orcia. 

The course was well-marked and the supporters were all wonderful. What an amazing adventure. What a way to “get lost”.

- 2013 100k finisher, Tom Seng-Lai Tan, USA


460 particpants at Tuscany Crossing in Italy.

225  at Causeway Crossing in Ireland

Over 1000 at Ladonia Crossing in Sweden!


We had an amazing year of racing in 2013! It was an incredible thing to be a part of and we had the good fortune to meet and work with and run with some extraordinary people!

Kristi Battalini 3. Finished2014 promises to be even better! You’ll see.

Register for one of our races and you will not regret it.

Make plans, not excuses and join us!

 Transylvania Trail - Romania

(September 5-6, 2014)  

Step back in time and join us for a 106k/56k mountain trail ultra through the Bucegi Mountains in the Transyvania Alps that promises to be our most challenging mountain race to date!

Amalfi Coast Crossing - Italy

(September 21, 2014)  

Join us for a 75k/38k race that travels trails along the stunning Amalfi Coast and Portafino in coastal Italy. This is one not to miss!

“I ran in the Causway Crossing this year (2012) and it was awesome. It is a beautiful course, even more beautiful than the video shows. Forests, moor, cliffs, beach and lots more; it has it all. Simply wonderful.” - Edward Chapman, Cornwall.

“The Causway Crossing course was everything it was touted to be – extremely scenic and we were blessed to run it on a sunny day with clear skies. No need to comment much on the photos as I think they speak for themselves. Thanks again for being the catalyst for me to experience another corner of our beautiful planet.” - Chuck Wilson, USA

NEW FOR 2015

Lost Worlds Meteora

Meteora Graphic 3A

These are not just remote race venues. Our routes offer a great excuse to to visit areas so unique that they’ve been singled out by the United Nations and designated as World Heritage sites.

This prestigious title has only been given to a select group of locations across the world. Many of these places are widely known for their otherworldly beauty and mystery but the rugged and scenic trail selected by our experienced race staff is going to be the main feature of each event.

Each race is a qualifier for a final 100 mile race  with limited entries allowed. Those entered in the full 100k or 50k distance categories will be have first options to participate in this 100 miler which was recently announced.

Lost Worlds Meteora will take place in the mountains of northern Greece in the late summer, 2015.

The distances will be 100 mile/50 mile /25 mile relay.

HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE   CAUSEWAY CROSSING and LOST WORLD TRAIL SERIES 2013 by Stefani Jackenthal  (journalist/participant)